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Domestic Violence Awareness: The National Coalition Against Domestic Violence

Domestic Violence Awareness:  National Coalition Against Domestic Violence

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In addition to keeping you updated on our donation efforts, we would also like to pass along important information about organizations that exist to help women in need. The National Coalition Against Domestic Violence (NCADV) works tirelessly to “effect public policy, increase the understanding of the impact of domestic violence, and provide programs and education that drive that change.”  Take a look at their website by visiting

The site is full of resources for those in need of services and for those who would like to volunteer and donate. Be sure to notice the red box in the lower right corner of their site’s landing page.  The box is a “safety exit” that allows the viewer to quickly exit the site if she (or he) is in danger.  We can all guess what that means.  Personally, when I see that little red emergency exit it reminds me of the domestic violence awareness commercials that aired during the Super Bowl.  A woman in danger calls 911 in front of her abuser and pretends to place an order for pizza. The 911 dispatcher is smart enough to understand that the woman is not able to speak openly because she is in danger.  It is a powerful ad.  I invite you to visit and take notice of how you feel when you see the red “safety box.”  It’s chilling.