Summer 2016: Part 1

Summer 2016:  Part 1

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The summer of 2016 rocked for Cosmetics for a Cause, and as a result, we were able to help many women and girls in need by providing them with makeup to help build their self-esteem.  Over the next few days, I’ll be giving you a rundown of all of the wonderful events that took place from May through August.  Today I began my junior year of college, and as I look back at the Summer of 2016, I will always remember it as a summer of growth not only for Cosmetics for a Cause, but for me, too.

I guess the adventure began during my spring break in March.  I was earnestly trying to secure a summer internship and I applied to dozens of jobs.  I was excited to be selected to do research for a new cosmetics company that was in the pre-launch phase.  It was agreed that I would start the internship as soon as my spring semester ended.  Because the intership did not pay anything, I decided to live at home during the summer and I had worked out an arrangement to do the research at a friend’s office so that I wouldn’t be distracted.  I was excited!  The intership was part-time, so I planned on working with Cosmetics for a Cause the rest of the time.

My mom flew to NYC in May to help me pack up my room and move home for the summer.  The exact moment that she stepped onto campus is the exact moment that the wonder of the Summer of 2016 began. THE EXACT MOMENT!  No sooner did we hug hello when my mom’s cell phone rang.  On the other end of the phone was our contact at E.L.F. Cosmetics, calling to find out if we would like 60 pallets of makeup.  WHAT?! The timing of the phone call left NO DOUBT in our minds that it was meant to be that I made the right decision to go home for the summer and dedicate part of my time to building my resume with the start-up cosmetics company and also making time to concentrate on Cosmetics for a Cause.

After a couple of days of enjoying NYC, we flew home and the day came for my internship to begin.  Well, guess what?  There was no internship.  I called and emailed and finally reached someone who proceeded to act as if she had no idea about what I was talking about.  She had no idea that I was “hired” to work for her start-up company for free, and wanted me to send her my qualifications and explain to her what kind of work I expected to do.  SIGN NUMBER TWO that I needed to spend the summer concentrating on Cosmetics for a Cause.  We had a huge shipment coming (because of storage restraints, we could only accept six out of the sixty pallets, but six was just enough.)

I made the decision that Cosmetics for a Cause deserved my FULL involvement.  My mother is kind enough to manage things while I am at school, but it was obvious to me that I needed to take the time I was obviously given to get busy full-time to grow the organization to the next level.  I did not cry one tear when the intership person with the start-up company dissed me.  I immediately opened the door that was slammed in my face and never looked back.