Breakfast with Santa for Kids Cancer Foundation

We are thrilled to be able to donate lip gloss palettes to pre-teen and teenage girls who are served by a fabulous organization called Kids Cancer Foundation.   The organization is holding a “Breakfast with Santa” tomorrow, and some of the moms will also be receiving lip gloss.  (Shhh!)

You can visit their website HERE.

In the meantime, here is what their “About Us” page has to say.  Read and see for yourself how wonderful Kids Cancer Foundation truly is.

Imagine a place designed specifically for kids with cancer.
The KIDS CANCER CENTER is that place and so much more.

Educational Resource and Research Center
A place where patients and families can come to get the most up-to-date
and accurate information and research about their diagnosis and
treatment. Also provides educational seminars and classes for patients
and families, as well as health care providers. As well as used for
academic tutoring and classes for patients and/or siblings. The Library
contains books for all ages.

Health and Wellness Center
A place where specially trained and licensed therapists come to assist
patients and families in dealing with the fear and stress that
accompanies a diagnosis of cancer. Our young patients and families come
here to receive counseling, massage and learn distraction and visual
imagery techniques.

Financial Counseling Center
Trained professionals assist families in making appropriate financial
decisions to help provide some financial stability for the family during
this difficult and costly time.

Teen Lounge & Playroom
Fum places where our young patients and their siblings can come to for
therapeutic play, arts and crafts and participate in art and music
therapy programs.

Also provides hands on educational programs to teach both patients
and families the importance of good nutrition by showing them how to
prepare healthy meals and make healthy eating choices.

Both my dad and my grandfather were diagnosed with cancer within one month of each other in 2011.  I know first-hand how important support groups like Kids Cancer Foundation can be, and I am so happy that Cosmetics for a Cause could help the patients and their families in a very small way.