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Follow Cosmetics for a Cause on Instagram

Hi Friends!!  We have been so very busy over the past year behind-the-scenes at Cosmetics for a Cause sorting through the fabulous donations from all of you.  You are so generous!!!  Whether you’re an individual or a large cosmetics company, we appreciate you.

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Thanks again for following and for you support.


Mother’s Day Gift Idea

Mother’s Day Gift Idea!

Helps Cosmetics for a Cause

Friends!  Our corporate sponsor, eWillow.com Greeting Cards is offering a special Mother’s Day gift special this year.  A portion of the proceeds from the sale of each “Save $20! Quarterly Subscription Box” will be donated to Cosmetics for a Cause.  Every penny donated goes to the charity.  We are a volunteer-only organization with no paid staff.

Why eWillow.com?

Subscription box greeting cards are all the rage!  With a subscription to eWillow.com, you’ll always have a card on-hand when you need one.  No more texts and emails…send a meaning card in the mail to make someone feel special!

What is the money used for?

The main goal of Cosmetics for a Cause is to solicit and donate makeup to women in need.  However, we often receive requests from organization around the country for donations.  Cosmetics for a Cause uses the funds it raises to pay for shipping costs and to purchase cosmetic bags.

For more information, look around our site or email us at info@ewillow.com.

Eagle Scout Project Donation to Boys & Girls Club

Eagle Scout Project Donation to Boys & Girls Club

A few months ago, we were happy to supply makeup to a young man who was completing his Eagle Scout project for the Boy Scouts of America. Our driveway turned into a distribution center as other young men joined together to sort and package makeup and cologne to donate to our local chapter of the Boys & Girls Club.  The project was completed just in time for the holidays.

eagle scout product donation to boys & girls club

eagle scout product donation to boys & girls club

We are so happy that we could help the Boys and Girls Club, and congratulations to Joshua for completing his Eagle Scout project AND for getting accepting to a very prestigious college!

Please Contact Us!


We are so touched by your generosity and your willingness to ship us your unused cosmetics.

We have been inundated with donations, which is a great thing!  However, we think we’ve missed sending thank you notes to many of you.

Please, please, please contact us if you have mailed us a cosmetics donation and you haven’t received a thank you note.

We want to make sure that you know how much we appreciate your thoughtfulness by mailing you a personal thank you card in the mail.

You can contact us by clicking HERE or by sending an email to donate@cosmeticsforacause.org.

cosmetics for a cause thank you


Summer 2016: Part 3 ~ Non-Profits First

Non-Profits First

non-proftis first

Non-Profits First ~ I learned a great lesson when my internship did not work out the way it was supposed to.  I was given the gift of time to spend on Cosmetics for a Cause.  One of the first things I did when I returned home for the summer from college in NYC was join Non-Profits First.  Non-Profits First is a wonderful organization with the mission of “strengthening the nonprofit sector by maximizing their capacity to deliver services through accreditation, leadership, development, education and management support services.”  The organization offers free classes to its members on a wide variety of topics.

non-profits first

my mother and me at a non-profits first class

non-profits first

my mother never met a chocolate chip cookie she didn’t like


I attended classes on topics ranging from how to manage a board of directors, to how to write grants, to how to make a budget.  I learned so much and made many wonderful contacts in the non-profit community.


If you are involved with a non-profit, I suggest that you check out Non-Profits First.  The membership dues pale in comparison to the benefits that you will receive.  I was exposed to the behind-the-scenes aspects of running a non-profit which I usually never think about as I am trying to solicit cosmetic donations.  They offer a variety of resources, including the wonderful people who work there, to help non-profits of all sizes.

Be sure to follow this blog because my next post is going to be the most exciting post yet!

Support Us! Shop Smile.Amazon.Com

Support Us! Shop Smile.Amazon.Com

Did you know you can support us by shopping smile.amazon.com?  Isn’t that wonderful??!!!  Instead of shopping at regular Amazon.com, all you have to do is enter “smile.amazon.com” and you will be asked to choose a charity. It doesn’t cost you anything! Amazon.com will donate .5% of your purchase to Cosmetics for a Cause!  We will be receiving FIVE pallets of makeup from E.L.F. Cosmetics this week, so we could really use all of the donations that we can get…every penny helps and will go to fund a storage unit.  Thank you, Amazon!!

donate cosmetics smile.amazon.com

  1.  Visit smile.amazon.com
  2.  You will be asked to select a charity
  3.  Enter “Cosmetics for a Cause”
  4.  Have fun shopping at the regular amazon.com price!
  5.  Amazon.com will donate .5% of your total purchase price to Cosmetics for a Cause
  6.  It didn’t cost you anything but it helped us a lot!

Thank You Notes

Thank You Notes

We love to send thank you notes to the fabulous friends who donate cosmetics to us.  We want to thank our corporate sponsor, eWillow.com Greeting Cards, for creating these fun thank you notes for us.  We love them!

donate makeup to women in need

We are over the moon with the matching envelopes, too!

Thank you for the thank yous, eWillow Greeting Cards!!  Have you seen their cool cards?  You need to visit their site!  They are kind enough to donate a portion of every sale to Cosmetics for a Cause to help cover our operating costs.

Thank you, thank you, thank you!!

We Donated Several Thousand Units of Make-Up

We Donated Several Thousand Units of Make-Up

Thanks to the extremely generous donation from E.L.F. Cosmetics that we received in October, we were able to donate several thousand units of makeup and perfume to different charities in Palm Beach County during November and December 2015.  You can see a sampling of the different charities we were able to serve by taking a look at their logos on our site’s hompage.

Because of the nature of our business, it isn’t possible to show pictures of the actual recipients of our donations.  We need to to guard their privacy.  However, here are some pictures of the donation process that we feel comfortable sharing.

We received over 700 of these kits that contained great products for lips, eyes, and nails.  Kits like these are very helpful because they are self-contained and easier to distribute to women in shelters.

donate makeup to womens charities, donate makeup


We received so many items to donate that we were able to form two new temporary board member positions:  Junior Community Outreach Directors.  The two girls we appointed to this position rallied their high school friends to undertake “Operation Christmas Stocking.”

donate makeup to womens charities, donate makeup

They collected, filled and distributed over 300 stockings to teenage girls.  Amazing, right?!

donate makeup to womens charities, donate makeup
donate makeup to womens charities, donate makeup

The best news is that we have more pallets of makeup waiting for us.  The bad news is that we don’t have any room to store the products.  We are in the process of trying to secure funding so that we can get a storage unit. 

Our goal is to have enough room to receive the generous donations, sort the products, and make sure that we can match the products with the correct organizations.  We’ll get there!

So Very Blessed by a Special E.L.F.

We were recently contacted by E.L.F. cosmetics to see if we were interested in accepting a shipment of 50 pallets of make up.  FIFTY pallets!  Unfortunately, we currently aren’t capable of handling that much product.  However, we did agree to accept ten pallets, and look at the results!  We are forever thankful for this extremely generous donation.  The number of lives that will be positively affected by this donation is immeasurable.

Many thanks to my parents and to the young men at my church who were able to step up to the challenge of transporting the more than 100,000 units of makeup from the freight company to our garage. (Please see my previous post.  We are in desperate need of a warehouse.)I am away at college so I can’t be as hands-on as I would like to be.  Rest assured, though, that I make sure that every single item goes to a woman in need.

We have big plans for the distribution of these items.  We have already donated to the Children’s Cancer Foundation and to Dress for Success of the Palm Beaches.

Colleen from Dress for Success of The Palm Beaches

My elementary school principle now works as the Assistant Town Manager for the Town of Jupiter. We will be working closely with her to broaden Cosmetics for a Cause’s reach in our local community. Because of her position with the town, she knows the location of safe houses and is privy to other organizations that assist women.  We are so thankful to partner with the Town of Jupiter in its effort to help its residents meet their needs.  Makeup is certainly a luxury to a woman whose main focus is to feed her family.  We hope to put smiles on many worthy faces because of this donation from E.L.F.