You Are Awesome!

When I started Cosmetics for a Cause, my original thought was to
approach large cosmetics companies for donations.  I knew it would be a
huge undertaking, but I also knew that the results would be worth all of
the difficult work.  Little did I know that it wouldn’t be the large
cosmetics companies that would be so willing to donate.  Our best donors
have been…YOU!

I am overwhelmed with the emails and
packages that Cosmetics for a Cause has received from the general
public.  The large cosmetics companies have ignored our requests. 
(Except for one, which I will blog about in a few days.)  We have
received emails from high school girls who want to help, from women who
have an abundance of cosmetic bags to donate, and so very many people
who have unused  make-up they ship to us at their own expense. 

is a sampling of some of the donations we have received in the past few
months.  Every donation, no matter how big or small, makes a huge
difference in the life of a woman in need.

Thank you so very much, all of YOU!